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Fine Little Day Yoga Poster

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 Fine Little Day Yoga Poster

Strike a few poses throughout the day and feel a big difference by doing a little yoga. Wake up the spine, stretch the back, release the tension in the hips and relax. Here are eight poses which can provide pain relief, reduce tension, stress and help you to get ready for the day. Get the poster for someone you love. Soft off white background with black detailed yogini doing  8 of the most well known yoga postures. Perfect for yogis everywhere or yoga studios too!  All on FSC sustainable quality paper.

This is for the print only

Cow Pose

Downward facing dog

Bridge Pose

Graland Pose

Cobra Pose

Happy baby Pose

Pigeon Pose

Spinal Twist pose

Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm  / /15.7x15.7 in : UNFRAMED PRINT.

Material: Off White FSC Paper. 170gsm 0.37 Ib. Offset Print.

Design by Elisabeth Dunker for Fine Little day.

Made in Sweden.