Natures Collection Icelandic Long Haired Sheepskin Rug Natural Mix

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Compared to other sheepskin rugs, Icelandic rugs can lose a few more hairs. This is not a problem at all, as it will never lose an amount of hair that would be noticeable.
Be sure to shake the sheepskin regularly and brush it on occasion to avoid matting. If you want, you can also hoover the rug on the lowest setting. Do not wash the product in the washing machine. Instead, remove stains with a damp cloth or brush out dried stains with a sheepskin brush.

As a global lifestyle brand and manufacturer, NATURES Collection has a responsibility to ensure a positive impact on customers, the environment and the communities in which we work. Our starting point to product sustainability is found in safety and durability, by developing products that are ethically safe to wear for people and, in the long run, have less impact on the planet. Moving forward, we believe in circularity combined with product safety and durability.

With a holistic approach to sustainability, we aim to make responsible choices in every part of our business, including the way we design and operate, as well as how we move our products around. Longevity has shown to be one of the most influential parameters for improving environmental impacts. In other words; the longer our natural products lasts, the smaller its annual environmental impact will be.

As a brand working with integrity, we are committed to maintain a responsible and sustainable focus throughout our value chain. We practice this by setting high ethical standards, ensuring safety of all products for both consumers and the environment. Our pledge is based on strict European legal requirement.

These luxury natural spotted mix Icelandic Sheepskins are a fabulous accessory for many ares in your home.

Icelandic sheep are a hardy breed, born wild and roaming freely they have adapted their coats for the harsh Icelandic weather. Their unique sheepskins mean the long hair protects them from moisture and their soft short hair keeps them warm. The long top coat is approximately 15 cm long, is soft in texture and wild looking, their short undercoat is soft & elastic, creating a unique textured skin. Icelandic sheepskins natural colourings vary as unlike other sheepskin from around the world they have been left to breed naturally and are 100% pure and natural in colour, so no two skins are ever the same. Due to the colour being natural they are also tolerant of the sun.

Our luxurious sheepskins are 100% Nordic and 100% natural in colour and of the highest quality. The sit beautifully in your home or garden, bringing a touch of luxury and wild nordic nature to your interior. Use indoors or out, as these are naturally bigger they fit on chairs, bench's, sofas and the floor. High quality, sustainably sourced sheepskins will bring, warmth, cosiness and a luxurious tactile quality to your decor.

  • Natural colour
  • Long & short hair mix
  • Each skin is unique 100% Nordic
  • Soft & wild texture & look
  • Sustainably sourced

Colour: Mix Ivory, Browns Blacks (each skin is unique)

Dimensions: Approx 90 - 100 cm, each skin is one piece.

PLEASE NOTE: THESE CAN VARY CONSIDERABLY AS THEY ARE COMPLETELY NATURAL. Email if you want an image of the ones available in stock.