Traditional Swedish Handmade Dala Horse Pure Black 10cm

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Traditional Swedish Handmade Dala Horse Pure Black

The Dala Horse ( Dalahast) has become an iconic symbol of Sweden. These traditional Dala Horses are loving handmade in Sweden using traditional techiniques from craftsman to make these much loved horses. Much work is involved in creating the Dala Horse from the felling of the wood in the forests, usually pine. It is then dried for 3 to 4 weeks after the initial carving which prevents it from splitting once painted.The design is drawn onto the wood & sawed by machine. Each craftsman carver has his own size of horse he likes to work with for him to handpaint & decorate & each Dala horse is then hand dipped & beautifully finished in the traditional artwork by hand. Each horse is also signed by the craftsman to show it's authenticity. This is a 10 cm high genuine handmade and painted Dala Horse.

These are for the more contemporaray and minimal design lover that also loves the unique style and authentic look of the Swedish dala horses.

Also available in a  plain white finish.

The Dala horse is steeped in tradition & history. Made in Darlana, near Mora, where the original Dala Horse was created. Horses have always been of great importance to people for millenia & are highly valued for their transportation, symbol of strength, courage, faithfulness, wisdom & dignity. The horse is also a symbol of mystique & magic, a sacred animal as reflected in nordic mythology were the horse has belonged to the gods.