Calming Bedroom Schemes

Calming Bedroom Schemes

By Steve Davey

Calming Bedroom Schemes

We all need that special place to rest & recuperate and it is usually our bedroom’s that become that special haven. I have taken my inspiration from the calming grey palette as my starting point. Grey can have a real warmth and ease to it and is a most restful & calming colour to use, so a great choice for the bedroom.

I have chosen a couple of looks that use different highlights with a slightly softer feminine feel, not girly or fussy, so great for the men too!

WALLS.. A mix of wallpaper and paint is often good, if you have an alcove or one wall that you want to stand out from the others then highlight this for a focal point.

wallpaper, Borastapeter, Scandinavian designers, silent nature, bedroom decor,

Scandinavian Designer wallpapers in white & grey.


I have chosen two colour options from our Scandinavian designer wallpaper range, The Silent Nature Collection, the warm grey background is colour 9070 and the white background is 9067. Which ever you choose there will be a good paint colour to coordinate with these papers. The seed branch design is simple, & soft, giving a gentle feel and layering to the walls.

This is a good starting point to determine the feel you want for your bedroom. If you want a clean and sleek look, then all paint or a geometric or strong designed wallpaper will give you that feel.

You can see from the small bedroom image above, the warmth of a wooden floor really brings the greys to life, which is the Scandinavian style, but equally a warm toned carpet will do similar.

To bring layering and something soft under foot, I have chosen several types of rugs depending on how you want to mix the colours & textures in your room. My accent & contrasting colours for this scheme are from the aubergine, purple & peachy pink hues. They bring depth, warm & softness to the main grey colour scheme.


If you want something really practical but soft under foot, then Pappelina plastic rugs are for you. They come in an array of colours, designs & sizes, super soft, non slip and usually reversible colour ways, they will give you a practical stylish floor covering that you can mop or stick in the machine whenever you need. I have chosen Rex runner in Charcoal, Mono rug in Fossil Grey & Noa rug in warm grey & vanilla. Choosing your shape, colour & texture, to coordinate with your wallpaper or bedding, if you like the diamonds or circles in your design then maybe use this as your link of shapes throughout the scheme.

Rex charcoal, Mono Grey, Noa warm grey Pappelina Rugs from sweden

Shades of Grey, through charcoal to silver .

The Linie Rug is a thick & luxurious shag pile rug in Iron . This will be so warm and soft under foot & add a real touch of luxury with it’s thick texture. If you want to lift the floor with a contrasting colour then take a look at the Lucens rug in Purple. This has a shimmering quality to it & a wonderful rich, warming tone.

Linnie design rugs, natures collection sheepskin rugs, wool rugs, scandinavian design, luxury rugs, floor coverings, textures, bedrooms,

Luxury textures & materials, natural sheepskin, wool or luxury rugs to dress your floors.


If nature is more your thing, add a touch of the wild, with a sheepskin rug. The grey short haired New Zealand sheepskin version will be soft and cosy but if you want a slightly wilder look & feel, then take a look at the long haired Icelandic Natural White rug, drape on chairs, beds as well as floors, also available in natural grey. Each Icelandic sheepskin rug is completely natural in colour, so no two are alike. These luxury sheepskin rugs by Natures Collection really add that natural Scandi touch to your bedroom, giving a little more ruggedness and texture to your cosy space.

LIGHTING…, so important in every room and the bedroom is no exception. Think how you use your space, general lighting with a pendant light, reading with a table or floor lamp, background and ambient lighting, all important in the bedroom.

Scandinavian designer lighting.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Here is where you can make a statement and bring the vibe of the room to life. I have chosen Eos lampshade by Vita in brown here above on the left side to add a feathery, feminine touch, with a sculptural feel. This versatile shade also comes in white & several sizes, so you could echo it in the side table and floor lamps for a complete look. This dappled brown Eos shade has real warmth, with sandy tones, showing the texture & depth this soft sculptural shade.

If you want a modern clean look with pure lines & a stronger vibe then Filly Floor & table lamps by Himmee are just the thing, seen here in the bedroom image above. A mix of natural materials, oak stands with a folded aluminium shade and a concrete base. Seen here in white, classy, clean, contemporary. This image really shows you can use strong patterns and mixed with softer hues brings drama with a soft and feminine modern feel.

For the wow factor, Diva floor and pendant lights seen here on the right in oak by Northern Lighting will not only give great light but is also a piece of art too. Sexy curves in natural woods, a feminine form, perfect for that sensual, sultry boudoir.


Iconic Le Klint 172 are still made from one sheet of woven plastic, quality Danish craftsmanship. This gorgeous light with undulating curves will make your room glow! It comes in several sizes and as a floor lamp,the Le Klint 342 !

Le Klint light, 172 light, scandinavian design, moder, classic, hand folded light, hand made, Danish design, sculptural, organic, glowing, illumination, pendant, ambient lighting, bedrooms,

Le Klint 172, a true Scandinavian classic hand folded light.

So,please don’t underestimate the power of your lighting choices and how much they can really bring to your room.


Finally, your bed… how to dress yours…

Luxury Scandinavian bed linen by Linum Design

Understated layered bedding, Scandi style

The bedding itself, some luxury cotton. My first option below,By Nord Frej duvet & pillows in Stone Grey, understated, slightly masculine, clean & strong, a great base shade. Layered here with Sprinkle quilt from Normann Copenhagen. This quilt topper, can be used anywhere but looks great thrown over the bed adding, colour, texture & fizz from the zingy explosive design. Accessories with sumptuous cushions, velvets, padded quilted finishes with brass zippers, all add a touch of the luxurious. The rich dark sultry plums & purples lifted by the soft sherbet pinky peach make this bedding style, a sexy, soft feminine touch. Mimi Purple velvet / silk cushion, by Linum, Quilt cushion Rose Pink by Ferm LIVING.

Luxurious Scandinavian bedding, blankets and home accessories

Beautiful Bedding.


If you want a clean, simple understated look go for the organic Dune quilt. A quality organic quilt cover by Linum, a Swedish company with environmental credentials and a timeless style. This soft grey & white bedcover will mix beautifully with the stone or peppercorn Frej coloured bedding here from By Nord . My accent colour here, can have a feminine or masculine feel depending on your accessories. Warm, wool Elvang cushions, crafted from pure alpaca wool, understated & elegant. The award winning Corona design from Lapuan Kankurit in a mix of soft pink & grey, a classic combination. This lovely cushion has a matching blanket, a pretty accompaniment to the plain & simple bedding.

Luxury Scandinavian designer textiles for your home

Simple, colours and styles for timeless bedding


Side tables… they need to be useful as well as beautiful. I have chosen two very different options here. My wooden option, the Hoof table by &Tradition. This is a cool design with its pencil style pin legs, slender & elegant, very contemporary too, I have chosen the natural finish but there are several.

Hoof table, &Tradition, Wire basket, top, Ferm Living, wood, side tables, contemporary,

Stylish Side Tables

My other choice is the wire basket in grey with the smoked oak lid by Ferm LIVING. This clever little item is also useful for storage for your magazines, books etc as well as your bedside table.


Enter mirror, ferm Living, accessories and wallpaper, cool Scandinavian designs

Enter Mirror, little details.


To finish the look I am choosing the round minimal Enter mirror with its cool grey touch & warm leather hanger, the curved design echos the wallpaper & brings a softness to the walls, yet the design is sleek & simple. This looks stunning against the Lines Grey wallpaper by Ferm LIVING, with its Art Deco inspired detailing of fine warm gold lines.

Scandinavian skandinavisk, scented candles, lights, vases, by nord, glass vase,

Accessories, candles, scent, vases, it’s all in the detail.

However you decorate your bedroom room, make it your own, a special place to hunker down, rest, relax, enjoy!