Green Living Planting Guide

Green Living Planting Guide

By Steve Davey

Green Living Planting Guide
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Balcony Planting Bau pots and watering can


You can create a mini tropical garden, your personal green oasis in the smallest of spaces. Do you have a love of ever greens, herbs and veg or something scented, or a mix of all of these? The options are endless. You can use pots and containers such as these by Ferm Living. The Bau Series is a Bauhaus inspired range that works both indoors and out, so flexible too!  Chic watering cans, different sized plant pots and gorgeous balcony containers which will hang over any balcony, or fence using vertical space with ease.


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Bau Balcony Pot in Warm Grey


These industrial style planters have an inbuilt smart drainage system, perfect for anything from tumbling tomatoes and herbs to luscious green ferns or flowers.

Do you like the idea of styling your planting? Creating an outdoor room, a natural extension of your living space. If so here are some ideas for group planting you might find inspirational. Think about the shape of the planting pots, what style you are looking for, as well as the growing conditions for those plants, but if you are worried,  as you have never grown anything before, don’t be, as the best way to garden, is to experiment and give it a go!




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Herbs & bees for harmony and tasty edibles too


We all need the bees and these types of plants will attract the bees on your small urban balcony or patio. They will pollinate the strawberries and fruits and the scents of the herbs will attract the bees into your garden. Select your favourite herbs for cooking or for making tisanes and teas. Such as Mint, great for digestion as well as clearing the mind and Rosemary is the herb of remembrance,  as well as a great addition to many dishes. They can also be used dried too. It is so good for you to pop outside, potter, breathe in their fragrance as well as harvest and eat them. Can you imagine, popping out on a summer morning and picking your own strawberries you have nurtured to have with your breakfast, they will taste so good, or at the end of a busy day, take a cuppa and potter and take in the aromas and relax in the fragrance and abundance of your little green space.



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Jungle style edibles


Do you love jungle style of planting, but would like to eat your crop as well. Why not try a mix of tasty super food kales, with different coloured and textures leaves , great with a couple of herbs and maybe a tomato or two thrown in. That’s pretty much a supper on it’s own. If you don’t like kale, try some large or unusual leafed lettuces and radishes, pak choi, is so easy to grow, there are so many options to try.




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Orb Watering Can by Ferm Living


Don’t forget the watering, very important. For those of us that love some thing stylish as well as practical, we have a couple of watering can suggestion.

The beautiful spherical body of the Orb watering can holds up to 2 litres of water even though it looks compact. A clean and sculptural piece with refined detailing of the handle which curves into the top hole of the watering can and balances the long sleek watering spout. Crafted in black powder coated metal for a cool contemporary finish, the Orb will look stylish in your home and on display as well as a practical plant watering can.


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Bau Watering Can


The uncluttered lines of the warm grey large Bau watering can have been inspired by the Bauhaus movement. Raw industrial materials such as galvanised metal and clean  pure lines bring a contemporary aesthetic to this modern watering can. The stylish sweeping angle of the handle and slim elegant spout make this watering can a must for design and plant lovers alike.  This is available in several colours as well as the matching Bau pots too!



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Pretty, fragrant florals


Who doesn’t love a flower. So many different varieties to choose from.  We like a the idea of a wild combination like the ones above. Different, textures, shapes and colours and a decorative pot, like the Shell Pot, it is a beauty and really makes the flower planting look super stylish. You could go for a colour combination, for scented flowers, or ones that flower at different times, for a continual pop of colour throughout the year. This combination looks pretty, before the bloom, whilst blooming and the foliage after the flowers have gone.



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Wild planting style


Create a wild flower meadow feel on your balcony or patio so you always have something pretty to enjoy. This combination also looks great dried too! Try some cow parsley for a frothy feel or search out your favourite wild flower combinations and create a living bouquet outside. Choose shorter and taller plants, some wispy some with stronger leaves or flower heads, this will create interest and texture and possibly some scent too! Of course, the bees will love them all!



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Seasonal planting ideas


From Spring through to Winter there will be a plant that fits you and your little garden, offering texture, interest and greenery throughout the year. These four are just a starting point. All very different in type and style. Sometimes, it’s great to just have a specimen plant or single plant in a pot, showcased to perfection. There is always something to look forward to whatever the season were are in.

These are just a few suggestions to get you thinking of combinations of what you might like to plant in your own space. Just remember, whatever you take time to grow and nurture, will be great for you, the birds, bees, insects and our planet too.

All these planters can also be used inside, so you can be flexible with them, which is great for someone with small spaces. If you do not fancy planting outside or have no balcony at all, there are so many amazing indoors plants for you to create your green oasis inside instead. Maybe thats for the next blog post!

Here is a link to our garden pots and accessories: Green Living

For some inspiration and information on why gardening is so good for our wellbeing, take a look at this R.H.S. Chelsea Flower Show video



Get creative, get planting and add some green living to your home.

…Happy Planting…