How To Make Danish Woven Paper Hearts

How To Make Danish Woven Paper Hearts

By Steve Davey

How To Make Danish Woven Paper Hearts

How To Make Danish Woven Paper Hearts (Julehjerter)

How to make a Danish woven Paper heart

Our Danish Woven Paper Heart

Whilst browsing through our Little book of Hygge by Meik Wiking, a great book by the way,  we came across a piece on making these gorgeous woven hearts so thought we would do a crafting post on them.

Meik wiking book of hygge

Little book of Hygge, perfect source to read now you are at home and really learn the art of living well and hygge.

Try our woven paper hearts

Try our easy guide to making a Danish woven paper heart. Although these pretty paper hearts are usually made for Christmas, in our Nordic countries, we think they are a perfect craft to do with the children right now and have the sentiment we are all feeling, to share some love. They are so easy and you can fill them with sweets or something little, a special note, whatever you like and send them to someone you love, who you cannot see right now.  A little effort can bring great joy.

We have literally found 2 bits of paper we had in the office, we could only find one coloured piece which is a little bright but it works and we have made a woven heart very quickly to show you how easy it is. You can see from above, it is not perfect, but we did this in about 10 minutes with what we had to hand, so a little more time and some better paper or card and yours will be gorgeous. You could use wrapping paper, left over wallpaper, magazines, material, get creative.

We have followed and downloaded a free template from a fabulous crafty website named…. Here they have the full instructions to follow as well and they also have some fabulous other crafts for you to try, it is a great crafting website.

To give you an idea though, here are a few of the stages below that we did, so you can see how easy it really is :

danish woven heart template image

Danish woven heart template

This is the template we downloaded from the website above and printed out and you just need to cut out around the lines.

template cut out Danish woven paper hearts

Cut out template of Danish woven hearts


folded template of how to make danish woven paper hearts

Folded cut template of Danish woven paper hearts

You then cut the three lines in each piece as these will be the pieces that weave together to form your heart.

The weaving process is explained beautifully in the link above, of the First Palette website, so please follow that to see the full weaving process, but ours turned out like this…

How to make a danish woven paper heart

Once woven this is what it looks like on the inside too

You could then fill it with whatever you like, sweets, a note or nothing and cut a small strip to make a hanging loop which you can either glue or staple to the heart. For those of you that love a video to follow, you can look for lots on U Tube, but we have found one here for you to see.



We do hope you have fun making these woven paper hearts and we would love to see how yours turn out, so please share and tag cloudberry living or share on social media so we can show everyone  your pretty hearts and who you sent them too. Have fun and….

 … Happy crafting …