Christmas Tomte Small Grey Cap White Hair

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Asas Tomtebod was born from finding something to do with the left over wool and yarn and started making tomte, and sold them at a local fair. In 1993 Asas Tomtebod was born with a family workshop and trying to sell further than just locally in shows at Halmstad, Tällberg in Dalarna and in Gothenburg. Finally on 2000 they went to Formex fair  and the world wide love of Tomte was born.

The sheep from the Swedish island of Gotland are unique. Using their curly grey wool along with warm water and soap, we create a felt that is then handshaped into caps and noses.

The sheepskin is turned into beards and hair. We also use sheepskin from Icelandic sheep, which have a long straight fleece in a variety of colors.


Asas Tomtebod Christmas Tomte, Small, Grey Cap White Beard

This lovingly handmade small Scandinavian Tomte or Nisse is 25 cm tall. The grey cap is handmade felt from genuine Gotland Sheeps wool unique to Scandinavia, his body & nose is wood and his white beard if straight is made from Icelandic sheeps wool if curly or grey it’s made from Gotland sheeps wool. If his curls start to go just gently brush his beard & hair & spray with water to make it curly again it is said that he likes this too… traditionally it is said that these cute little gnomes watch over and protect your friends and family, so they make a cute, fun gift too.

Christmas elves or Father Christmas these are eco and natural Christmas decorations to last for years and years.

  • Genuine hand made grey felt cap and natural white wool beard tomte
  • Each one is unique no two are the same
  • 25 cm tall 
  • Eco traditional decorations which last for generations
  • Crafted in Sweden from a small family business

Also available in a larger size, these are beautiful traditional hand crafted Tomte and each one is unique and hand made, and have their own special character, they are very special indeed and make great lasting gifts.

Details: 25 cm tall approximately.

Material: Cap and beard 100% genuine wool & felt with a body of wood, all handmade