Ester & Erik Tapered Candles

The perfect candle for your home, wedding or special event

By alicia gilbert

Ester & Erik Tapered Candles

Candles have been used for hundreds of years to provide light. They are particularly favoured by the Scandinavian countries, and are essential for the Danish concept of “Hygge”. Using candles at home has many benefits and, of course, they are essential for romantic dinners, weddings and grand events.

Candles for Hygge

The Danes have a concept know as Hygge (pronounced “hooga”), which is all about creating a cosy environment. Denmark uses more candles per head than any other country. Around a third of Danes light candles every day. The Scandinavian countries take lighting very seriously. The long, dark Winters mean it is very important to create warm, inviting interiors. Light (and the absence of it) has an big effect on mood. The warm glow of candles is uplifting when it is cold and dark outside. The simple pleasure of lighting a candle can transform the day. The Danes will always favour groups of candles over harsh, over-bright electric lighting. The ideal candle for hygge is simple and elegant, without any artificial scent. Our Ester & Erik Tapered Candles can be used alone, in pairs or grouped together. Why not be like the Danes, turn off your electric lights, and enjoy the warm flicker of candlelight?

Candles at Home

Tapered Candles With Orchid

Although now no longer a necessity for solely lighting the home, using candles to decorate home interiors has become more and more popular over recent years. They are a great addition to any room in the house. There is nothing that can replicate the warm, flickering glow of candlelight. They instantly create an intimate atmosphere, and a softness in a room that makes it feel welcoming. Use candles in the bathroom to create a relaxing spa-like feel, in the living room they will create a cosy and calm atmosphere and of course there is nothing like candles on the dinner table to provide a centrepiece or add romance. Of course candles needn’t be restricted to indoor or Winter use. Use them in the garden on warm Summer evenings to add to the ambiance after sunset. With over 80 shades of tapered candles here at Cloudberry Living, you’ll find the right one for your home, whether it be gentle feminine shades, classic neutrals and whites, warm terracottas and browns, or zingy brights.

Candles for Well-Being

Candle Colours

Candles can be used to improve both your mental and physical health. They have long been a source of relaxation and comfort, known for their soothing and healing properties. The simple act of lighting a candle can help ease the mind and alleviate stress. The gentle flicker of a candle flame has been shown to reduce anxiety. They are the perfect addition for yoga or meditation practices. Our Ester & Erik Tapered Candles are non-drip, non-smoking, they give off a lovely warm light and have the added benefit of being self-extinguishing. 

Candles for Events

Wedding Candles

Photo: Hannah McClune

Tapered candles make a wonderful addition to any wedding or event. Not only do they provide beautiful candle light but also add colour and shape to a table setting or event space. Using candles  at a wedding can enhance the entire feel of the day. Their versatility means that they can make any event feel totally unique and special. Our Ester & Erik Tapered candles make the perfect choice for wedding and event planners. With over 80 colours to choose from, these elegant tapered candles are available in two heights, with a long burn time and a clean flame. We also offer the Ester & Erik Sample Set which is highly recommended for colour matching candles with an event or wedding pallette.

Candles can be used in many ways to enhance an event. Not only can the be used as table centrepieces, or for maximum impact they can be used in candlesticks running the entire length of long, rectangular tables. For an opulent feel, use tapered candles in candelabras or hanging chandeliers (if this is appropriate for your venue).  Any empty space will lend itself and come alive by using to a group of lit candles. We offer 2 heights of Ester & Erik candles (32cm and 42cm), these can be used together with great effect to provide height and texture to the table decor. Of course colour is key and will set the tone of a wedding or celebration. Ester & Erik tapered candles come in a wide range of colours, including traditional whites, nudes and greens through to classic blues, lilacs and pinks. We also offer earthy browns, taupes and ambers, and for the adventurous, zingy lime, orange and lemon. 

Real magic can happen with candle colour combinations. If you need help selecting colours for your event either purchase the Ester & Erik Sample Set, buy a few single candles to try, or get in touch with us for advice. If you require large numbers please drop us a line - we can check our stock levels before you place your order or order additional candles in from Denmark to fulfil your order.

Ester & Erik Hand Dipped Tapered Candles

Hand Dipped Candles

Ester & Erik is a family-run Danish business which has been producing handmade, hand-dipped candles of the highest quality since 1987. Since then the candles have been made using the traditional immersion technique, where each cotton wick is repeatedly dipped into hot paraffin wax of the highest quality. This creates a beautiful candle which is then hand-dipped around 25 times to create the colour. This hand dipping method ensures exceptional quality, perfectly shaped candles that are non–drip and soot free, and odourless. They have an attractive slow burn with a beautiful, clean, steady flame. Once the candles have burned down they extinguish themselves.

Ester & Erik candles are not simply candles, but design icons for the home, and the perfect choice for weddings and events. Available in an array of stunning colours to ensure you create that wonderful “Hygge” feeling.

We sell one of the widest ranges of Ester & Erik tapered candles in the UK. Selling from just a single candle, to safely packing and despatching large quantities, many for weddings and events by way of some of the best stylists in the country. Unique in the market for their huge selection of colours from soft pastels to vivid and bright colours, Ester & Erik candles are really the only option for that elegant look to finish off your table setting.

Ester & Erik Green Wedding Candles

Photo: Lavender Green