Easy tips for your wellbeing in your home office

Easy tips for your wellbeing in your home office

By alicia gilbert

Easy tips for your wellbeing in your home office


Plant filled home office

Many of us are now working from home & juggling space, time & skills. We all need to take a little time for ourselves during each day to help support & boost our mood, our efficiency & importantly our physical & mental wellbeing. I have been doing a few easy things that really help on a day to day basis, so I thought I would share them with you.

Tips for helping keep uplifted, focused & refreshed whilst working & tips for exercising & refreshing your eyes, as we all have far too much screen time.

I have always been into a holistic way of life, with natural products & remedies to help keep me feeling grounded, happier & healthier or for those times when I need to rest, meditate or lift my spirits.

I trained as an Aromatherapist many years ago, so using essential oils has been part of my daily life for many years. From burning oils to pure aromatherapy candle's, they have supported my emotional & physical wellbeing & are a simple, easy & effective addition for you to try. All you have to do is light a candle with a mix of beautiful therapeutic oils that are  blended for a specific mood , such as our Eym candles.

I have chosen Eym naturals as they are so pure & effective, are beautiful blends to elevate your mood & have 6 different blends to choose from.

You just need to choose the one that's right for you.


Tip 1. Aromatherapy, essential oil candles.

Scent is a powerful tool & linked to our emotions & memory & essential oils have a direct affect on our mental & physical health.

Filling your home office space with uplifting scent. An aromatherapy candle will take the guess work of choosing a good blend of oils . I have chosen two scents which are perfect for a working space as well as a relaxing space as they are uplifting, fresh & great for mental clarity & helping de stress.

Click the image to find out more.


Eym create aromatherapy candle

Create: The Uplifting One

  • inspiring, invigorating, clarifying
  • bergamot, black pepper, orange essential oils
  • energise, destress, improve cognitive function         

Warm, fresh & zesty, this candle will gently lift your spirits & mood as well as make you feel happier, more relaxed & lighter in spirit.

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Eym Aromatherapy candle home uplifting

Home: The Grounding One.

  • Restores inner balance, relieves anxiety, soothes intense emotions
  • Chamomile, rose & geranium essential oils
  • Grounding, comforting & reassuring

A cosy, comforting scent with a light floral, tone, it envelopes you like a gentle hug.

An easy addition any of us can add to our daily routines for a little self care.


Tip 2. Fill your home & office with greenery.

Surround yourself with plants. Air purifying, cleansing, they can help absorb the computer radiation & are great for our wellbeing in general. Hang them from the ceiling, wall, on your desk or near it, there are so many plants that are great for our wellbeing and they really make our homes feel alive & full of life. More on plants, planters & having them in the home in another post, but there are so many beautiful plants that can help support our health , it's another easy tip for making a healthier home space.

Click the image to browse ideas for different types of planters to decorate your space.

Plants for wellbeing in the home & home office



Eye image through leaf look after your eyes

 Tip 3. Looking after our eyes.

Rest and exercise your eyes. Screen time and blue light is a real strain on our eyes. Mine are very sensitive, so I frequently look away from the screen to rest my eyes, but I also do some eye exercises to help keep them healthy. If you haven't tried it, then give it a go. It really is great for your eye health. Here is a link below to a fantastic site .www.artofliving.org with easy, quick, therapeutic eye exercises for you to add to your daily routine. There's a little video too.

8 easy steps that could improve  your eyesight. https://bit.ly/3t68I2o


Tip 4. Relaxation & relieving tension.

I also use natural wheat eye pillows & wheat bags to help with my eyes & also with neck & shoulder pain & headaches, which I suffer from. I use the eye pillow at night to sleep with, but also if they are feeling very strained I will lay down for a few minutes after doing the eye exercises and lay the pillow over my eyes, the gentle weight and blocking out the light, really does relax them. This is one of my favourite everyday pieces I use to take a few minutes rest and recuperation, you can add your favourite essential oil or floral or lavender water mists to them too. They can be used as they are or heat up or freeze if you want that extra level of healing. Click the image to find out more.

Natural Linen & Organic Cotswold Wheat

Blasta Henriet Eye Pillow

Neck & shoulder tension.

The wheat bag is so great as it has four little pockets of organic wheat which means, it sits on each area and does not all settle at the bottom, so you can really feel the heat or cold on the area your place it on, it's so versatile. I love heat, I find it more soothing for my neck and shoulders, so I pop it in the microwave or oven and wrap it around whilst I sit at the desk. Not only is it comforting, it really does help ease tensions, aches, pains & headaches & you can carry on working, or take five minutes out & rest with it instead. Once you try this you'll wonder how you got on without them before. Click the image to find out more on our wheat bags.

Blast Henriet Wheat Bag for aches & pains


Tip 5. Stay Hydrated.

Yes, we are saying it, as most of us do not drink nearly enough water each day. Keep a carafe filled with water, on your desk. I like room temperature, water as it is better for the digestion, but you can mix it up with flavour by adding some slices of cucumber, fresh mint leaves, slice of lemon or lime, the possibilities are many. If you keep a carafe on the desk and fill it, at least you can measure how much of that you have drunk, rather than just a glass you fill every now and then.

Click to see our carafes & stay hydrated.

Ripple carafe, keep hydrated

I hope these few simple tips might offer you something to try, to add to your daily routine to elevate some tension, make you feel better & live in a healthier & happy space. I have really found them to be a real support for me & could not be without them. Any extra we can do to support ourselves, family members & our mental & physical health naturally, can only be a good thing.