Latest Scandinavian designer wallpapers by Boråstapater

Latest Scandinavian designer wallpapers by Boråstapater

By Steve Davey

Latest Scandinavian designer wallpapers by Boråstapater

Let’s get wallpapering with some classic, contemporary wallpapers by Boråstapeter for inspiring décor’s. They are Sweden’s oldest, best-known and best-selling brand of wall coverings. Against a classic, timeless background they continuously develop their brand to satisfy our interest in designs, colours and textures and now make all the iconic Scandinavian designer wallpapers from the original iconic designers we all know and love.

Karl Axel Pehrson, Sven Markelius, Arne jacobsen Stig Linberg, Scandinvian designer wallpapers Borastapater

Scandinacvian desingers Arne jacobsen, Stig Lindberg Sven Markelius, Karl Axel Pehrson

We have a little taster of some of our favourites of the two collections and how to use them to add a Scandi classic design to your home, giving it that real interior designer touch. From pale and interesting tones….

Boråstapater Scandinavian wallpapers designer wallpapers

Trapez 1778Leaves 1766Arne 1783Vertigo 1776Bersa 1751Ratio 2754.

To the wild and wonderful stories and rich palette of colours


Borastapeter Scandinavian wallpaper designs

Grazia 1746Melodi 1757Pottery 1760Bulbous 2757Tallyho 2752Poeme D’Amour 1761.

Or adding the much loved flora and fauna of Scandinavia

Borastapater Scandinavian Designer wallpapers collection 1 and 11

Bladranker 1787Rabarber 1791Trollslånder 1788Herbarium 2743Aurora 1790Kejsarkrona 2730.

Do you always feel like you need to be brave to add some pattern and colour to your walls and never sure how to do it, that’s what we always found when people asked about wallpaper or bold colours for their home.  It also depends on if you are looking for a certain style or  just happen to fall in love with a wallpaper design and then want to use it as your inspirational starting point for your rooms decor. Which ever way you approach putting your room scheme together  the challenge is how much and where do I use it?

First, take a look at the room, do  you want a focal point or are you brave enough to cover the whole room to really capture a feel and style! Whichever is it as long as you choose to ground it with other pieces of furniture or textiles and create a theme or link, you will be able to bring the whole scheme together.


Here are a few  room shots to give you a little taster and  inspiration to take the leap and add some iconic wallpaper to your walls.

We just love the vertigo wallpaper design in 1776, based on a movement of semi circles and originally designed by Arne Jacobsen as a furniture fabric. As a wallpaper it offers a sophisticated, slightly retro feel with it’s glamorous and elegant style. A strong design which is softened by the pale palette of greys and whites, which doesn’t over power the bedroom decor. It is grounded in the scheme by using plain coloured bedding and furniture and echoing the circles in the side lamp all adding to the light and spacious feel of this bedroom. By adding a little colour it has lifted the cool palette and added another dimension and freshness to this crisp and stylish bedroom. This could easily be done all over the walls and broken up with white wood work and furniture and it would still make a relaxing and restful bedroom space.

On the other hand you could go for this jaw dropping stronger colour 1774 which really gives the WOW factor!

Sophisticated in this teal and gold palette (which we hear, is THE colour trend for autumn!) Perfectly accessorised with brass, gold and dark luxurious materials, such as leathers and dark woodwork, this interior decor has a much bolder and luxurious feel. The semi circle pattern really sings of the walls and grabs your attention with it’s decadence and rich warmth, all balanced by the right tones in the paint, furniture and accessories. It has also only been used  on a portion of the wall so balance is brought through the room, the focus is on the wallpaper above the dado rail and kept simple for the rest of the room below. Again, they have cleverly echoed the circular design in the plant pot and the floor lamp as well as the chair having a curved shape, even the plant has soft round like leaves, all to match the  circles in the wallpaper. It’s these touches that give this decor scheme the WOW factor of an interior designer, with such attention to detail, each little repetition of shape subconsciously pulls it all together with ease and it’s this real minute attention to detail and a personal touch which makes an AMAZING space really work!

The same principal works in this dining room with Herbarium from the first Scandinavian Designer collection 1 by Stig Lindberg. It has been one of our most popular wallpapers with our customers and you can see why.

Bursting with botanical beauty and lots of colours you can choose as your accent to pick out, it sits beautifully with white furniture, and walls and brings your decor alive. Equally gorgeous in a kitchen or fresh summer room and bedroom. This is accented with blue here, picked up with the light and vase in a darker shade, but also in the chair in a pale turquoise. Grounded with the green foliage and white to link the backgrounds, it’s bold, but not over powering the space.This wallpaper has a natural printed like quality due to it’s printing method by Boråstapater and really feels like they are alive on the wallpaper. If you want even more impact you have to go for Herbarium 2744,  which is the dark background, a very deep blue bringing real impact and cosiness to your space, if you dare! You can see this colour option on the website, just click the link above.


You can do the whole room with this delicate pattern and design by Stig Lindberg Grazia.

Grazia by Stig Lindberg is a delicate story that reveals more each time you look. As the wallpaper is in soft tones and the design is gentle, this could cover a whole room and would not be too dominating, it makes a soft, relaxing space to be. In this image they have kept all the tones in greys and white with a hint of blue, this could work just as well with a soft pink. Everything coordinates and is easy on the eye, because different tones of grey keep it restful while still add depth to the overall decor.


For those that love it dark and dramatic Rabarbar in 1791 by Gocken Jobs

A dark background wallpaper allows the walls to recede and the colours and design to pop off the wall taking centre stage. Look how vibrant, rich and joyful this wallpaper and flowers really lift this decor. The dark lush velvet green chair and muted tones of the accessories lift but do not distract from the wallpaper. The room is alive and bright but still has a cosiness about it. So don’t be shy, why not try something more dramatic and really create the wow factor. You do not have to do the whole room, that would be fairly full on with this wallpaper but using it as a focal point, nook or corner to have for reading or sitting against some plainer walls and decor this wallpaper would be a real treat and a wonderfully atmospheric room to be in.

From a vast array of simple and understated geometrics with pale and neutral tones to the wild and whimsical stories that will really shout out on your walls… it really depends on how bold or subtle you feel. We definitely have something that’s right for you and your style.

To see both of these iconic collections go to the website and see all the colours, patterns and styles as there are too many to show here and just email us for a free sample of any of our Scandinavian designer wallpapers.

So there’s no excuse, what are you waiting for…. let’s get wallpapering with pattern!


Which ones are grabbing your attention and let me know if you have any questions, we are always happy to advise. We are looking forward to seeing what samples are ordered and who will go for something bold and wild or subtle and mild!!!!

For those of you who love a little video, and who doesn’t here are a couple below.

Here is a little video from Boråstapeter about the designers and how they chose these patterns for this second collection of wallpapers.


Once you use wallpaper you will never look back, especially as they are all Easy Up wallpapers and non -woven which means you paste the walls and not the wallpaper, so super easy to put up!!!