Stunning Fine Art Prints by SooUK

Stunning Fine Art Prints by SooUK

By Steve Davey

Stunning Fine Art Prints by SooUK

We are so excited to have SooUK joining our curated collection at Cloudberry Living. One of our few non – Scandi brands Susan Burnell the owner, designer and photographer of these amazing prints is most definitely inspired by all things Scandinavian.  We asked Susan what inspires her, ‘I have a real love for all things nordic and I am currently working on a photography project of Iceland for an exhibition, I just love it there.’ As well as loving Scandinavian design and culture, if that’s not enough, her favourite city is Copenhagen! Living in Scotland Susan’s studio is surrounded by fields, so nature really does inspire her. We wonder if maybe there is a little Scandi DNA in her genes, being so close to the Nordic regions and with such an affinity for all things Nordic! You may get the gist that we have fallen head over heels for Susan’s prints, and you’d be right! From the typography monochrome pieces to the awe inspiring nature shots, it is hard to have a favourite. The quality of SooUK’s contemporary fine art  giclee prints is second to none and the images really pop out from the print with stunning clarity and realism.

You can really see the texture, colours and shapes of the Eucalyptus leaves and stems, this print is simple yet  stunning against the dramatic black backdrop, you can almost smell the uplifting scent.


Dive In cloudds fine art print by SooUK from Cloudberry living

Dive In

Stunning print ‘Dive In”. 50 x 70 cm… don’t you just want to!!!! This was captured over the clouds of Iceland, it really does take you away!


Into the arts or ballet then Ballet Jump featuring one of the ballet dancers from the Scottish Ballet Company will be perfect for you or a friend. With a personal love of ballet this print captured my heart.

Ballet Jump art giclee print by SooUK at cloudberry Living

Ballet Jump art print, Himmee Toad lamp, Ferm Living Hexagon brass vase, Lind DNA curve glass mat and Iittala Vitriini oak tray and Oiva Toikka puff ball birds.


The giclee poster prints can be framed in so many ways, just like the  30 x 30 cm Ballet Jump art print, we decided to use a larger frame to completely showcase this gorgeous dancers athletic limbs, such contrast between the strength of the sculptured legs with the delicate froth of the net ballet skirt, all set against the dramatic black background.


Love words and sayings, some great typography posters too!

Nothing to see here typography fine art print giclee poster

Nothing To See Here! Art Poster




And this little beauty,  OH !!!!! You can mean it in so many ways!!!!

Oh, typography art print by SooUK

Oh. Giclee art print 20 x 20 cm by SooUK