Celebrating 80 Years of the Alvar Aalto Vase

Celebrating 80 Years of the Alvar Aalto Vase

By Steve Davey

Celebrating 80 Years of the Alvar Aalto Vase

Celebrating 80 Years of the Alvar Aalto vase and Alvar Aalto, the ‘ Pioneer of Finnish Design’.

Every once in a while a product comes along that sets its self apart from the ebb and flow of the seasonal interiors trends – an icon.

Scandinavian designers have produced an impressive number of these pieces over the years – from Hans J. Wagner’s Peacock Chair to Verner Panton’s VP1 Flowerpot Pendant – they’ve stood the test of time, capturing the hearts and minds of many a generation.

For us, one collection has always stood out : Alvar Aalto’s vases, created for the Karula – iittala design competition in 1936. Made from free formed – glass and rumoured to be inspired by the winding lakes of Finland and eskimo women’s breeches…, we will never really know which…they have remained at the core of modern Scandinavian design since their conception.

Alvar Aalto, Pioneer of Finnish Design

Alvar Aalto the pioneer of Finnish Design

Striking the balance between fluidity and structure, the vases are both a practical homewares and pieces of art, an item to be treasured but also to be used everyday.

Aalto Vase being made in the Iittala factory Finland

Alvar Aalto vase being made in the Iittala factory

Each and every vase in the Alvar Aalto Collection is mouth – blown at the Iittala glass factory in the hands of the most skilled blowers. It take’s seven craftsmen, 12 work stages, 1100 degrees celsius and 30 hours to produce a single Aalto vase, each one a unique work of art. With unwavering pride, these craftsmen are committed to bringing Alvar alto’s unconventional shapes to life.

Handmade mould for the Alvar Aalto vase in the Iittala factory

Original wooden mould of the Alvar Aalto Vase


This year these iconic homewares celebrate their 80th anniversary and to honour this Iittala have created a new dark grey colour way to the collection, designed to compliment autumn colour palettes and bring a delicate aesthetic to any home.

Iittala Aalto Finlandia vases dark grey 80th anniversary

New Dark Grey Aalto Vases

This stunning work of art is a collectors piece and will be a beautiful object to own, love and cherish daily, a piece of this iconic design and its continuing story and history!  Aalto vase is a  collectors piece!



‘Simple, yet rebellious’

If you love design and beautiful objects, you’ll really will love this stunning Aalto vase whichever size or colour you choose.

Iconic Scandinavian design for beautiful everyday living.