Scandinavian Midsummer Menu

Scandinavian Midsummer Menu

By Steve Davey

Scandinavian Midsummer Menu

If your looking to celebrate this summer solstice with a taste of Sweden, then here is a typical Scandinavian traditional midsummer menu to feast on. We have found a great recipe from to set you up for a Midsummer celebration, Scandi style. A typical menu will involve some snacks and nibbles and copious amounts of alcohol such as Aquavit ,schnapps and beer, or lingonberry and elderflower cordials, but your main delight will be some style of pickled herring or salmon, gravadlax,  crisp breads, swedish meatballs and ‘Vasterbottensost’ cheese pie, with fresh summer new potatoes, followed by summer strawberries and a Strawberry Cake. Ahh!! Sound tempting???

Here’s  a great recipe for Karen’s tasty Hot Pickled Herring with Dill Pickle Potato Salad recipe to try from her blog Lavender and lovage

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Traditional Hot Pickled Herring and Dill and Pickle Potato salad from Image by Karen Burns Booth


Karen has easy step by step, beautifully photographed recipes to follow for this Scandi traditional dish.

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Pickling your herring Scandi style from Image by Karen Burns Booth.

No feast is complete without a dessert and for summer, there is nothing better than fresh strawberries and Strawberry Cake.

wild summer strawberries, perfect summer dining.

Summer strawberries for perfect  midsummer alfresco dining. Image by Rita Eisenklob

And what we all are waiting for… a Swedish Strawberry Cake. Graddtarta med Jordgubbar.

Strawberry Summer cake by Karen Burns Booth for Scandi midsummer celebrations

Swedish Midsummer Strawberry Cream Cake laiden with fresh summer berries including a Cloudberries! Image  by Karen Burns Booth

For this delicious irresistible  easy to follow recipe click this  link to the


If you want an alternative menu we have another delicious feast featuring the Swedish cheese pie Vasterbottensost from Lavender and Lovage

click through for the whole menu here:

For similar great Nordic recipes why not buy one of our cookbooks and try some more!


Even if you are not having a large celebration for midsummer any of these delicious recipes are sure to give you a real taste of Scandinavia and a summery feeling go JOY!  GLAD SOMMAR.