Green Envy Gorgeous Green Schemes

Green Envy Gorgeous Green Schemes

By Steve Davey

Green Envy Gorgeous Green Schemes

Have you got green envy? Gorgeous Green schemes are on trend this year, but we think a touch of green is always a great idea in home interiors. Being inspired by the natural colours of nature, green will nurture, uplift, refresh and invigorate as well as relax you. It can be the perfect colour to enhance a room scheme or be the dominant theme. Taking a look at the main image,the Scandinavian designer wallpaper Eco Dimensions is a great example, you can see how refreshing green is with white, keeping the scheme, fresh, light and airy, without being cold.

green hues, for decorating schemes, home accessories and products for a scheme with green.

Green, bring the outside in, Iittala Maribowls in Water Green, Kastehelmi Tea Lights in Emerald and scents of Scandinavia Skog

Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to add some instant green to your scheme and you can be as subtle or as bold as you wish.

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Green walls, dusty greens or minty hues, so many to choose! Ferm LivingWallpaper Lines in Mint & Harlequin in Mint


green in your home decor, take inspiration from nature

Green, grasses and palms, invigorating, refreshing and restful, great for interiors


Coordinate with a touch of green paint, if pattern is not your thing.

Green hues, all the colours of nature in paint, to inspire your interior decor.

Colours of nature.


Scandinavian designer home wares and accessories in shades green

Green home accessories in every shade to lift and accent your space.


Just a few little ideas to add some gorgeous green to you home,in soft furnishing,  Ferm Living Arch Cushion and Mini Cut cushions, Pappelina Fia Rug, storage, Like Studio shelf in mint, wall decor, lighting like &Tradition Copenhagen pendant  SC6 and even scents such as Skog Diffuser from Skandianavisk, filling your home with the green freshness of Scandinavian forests. Green looks great with white, grey and most colours in between. Wether you play it safe or go wild, we think green is GREAT!….Let us know what you think too?